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If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above – you might be suffering from PTSD or Complex Trauma.

However, it’s highly likely, you are not certain if what’s happened to you counts as ‘real’ trauma. Being a trauma survivor is different for everyone and we tend to minimise our own experience. That’s ok, everyone does it but it makes it harder to reach out for the help you really want and need.

What you are probably experiencing is a feeling of being stuck:

  • you are not moving forward in your life;
  • your work isn’t getting done;
  • you feel isolated and left alone;
  • you keep revisiting disturbing images and thoughts from the past.

Maybe you’ve tried therapy before, or even read some self-help books – but it didn’t work. You still feel stuck and like you’re not really living to your full potential.

If any of this sounds like you – then you are in the right place.

I would like to welcome you to The Trauma Counselling Centre – a private practice with a main focus on trauma therapy and PTSD treatment.

Are you suffering from PTSD?

Have you experienced a traumatic and/or stressful event?
Find out if your symptoms mean you might be dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder.



Trauma and PTSD create extreme stress in the body and mind and, as a result, can impede your ability to enjoy healthy relationships or cope with normal life pressures and demands. Trauma-informed therapy can help you understand your thoughts and feelings about what has happened to you, thus improving your daily functioning. PTSD treatment can help you experience reduced anxiety, clearer thinking, deeper relaxation, and a genuine path to healing.



Feeling down from time to time is a normal part of life, but when emptiness and despair take hold and won’t go away, you may be dealing with depression. Depression can be a cripplingly painful experience. You feel exhausted all the time and just getting through the day is now a challenge. Undertaking treatment for depression with a skilled psychologist can help you to understand why you are struggling so much and assist you to move towards living a more hopeful, focused and energetic life.



While anxiety is usually a natural and temporary reaction to a stressful situation, some people experience anxious thoughts, feelings, or physical symptoms that can become chronic, severe and upsetting, all of which significantly intrude on everyday life. Treatment for anxiety can provide you with the tools, knowledge, and support to make your life and emotions more manageable. With the right resources, you can release the pressure building up inside of you, allowing you to feel more relaxed, peaceful and confident.

Ilona Zalska

Hi, I'm Ilona

I am a registered Psychologist and an EMDR Accredited Practitioner. I help individuals move beyond their struggles with anxiety, feelings of sadness, trauma and PTSD to achieve the life they want and deserve.

I believe that addressing core psychological and developmental issues creates the foundation for living a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Please get in touch and let me help you remove the shadows of your past and show you that a healthy and happy life is well within your grasp.